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Contact from Wontok’s Cyber Incident Response Centre

Wontok Edge (WEDGE) is a security enhancement to existing router hardware that protects every device connected in the home, school and business. Unlike secured routers bought in retail stores, the WEDGE will deliver a unified security experience for service providers and their customers.

Secure by design

In today’s digitally-driven world, Telcos need to be able to meet their customer’s needs quickly and cost-effectively as they change and evolve. Subscribers expect a unified experience that will allow them to manage all their devices and endpoints through one delivery platform, and this includes protection from identity fraud.



Client suffers a cyber incident

The Wontok Incident Response Platform is available 24/7/365. It provides access to the Wontok Cyber Incident Response Centre and our Cyber Incident Response Team and offers a holistic approach to managing cyber events.



Client reports the cyber incident

Clients can choose from 3 methods of instantly reporting a cyber incident:



Contact from Wontok’s Cyber Incident Response Centre

Within 1-minute of reporting an incident using the “Wontok Cyber Alert” app, the client will receive a call from a consultant at Wontok’s Incident Response Centre.



Incident Response Management

Within 1-hour of reporting an incident, the client will be contacted by an Incident Response Manager. In consultation with the client, the Incident Manager will:




With an expert panel of vendors working to contain the incident, the Cyber Incident Response Team will support you in the recovery of your business activities.



Follow-up and post-incident reporting

Wontok’s specialist vendors will then discuss the provision of additional services to assist you with your analysis of the incident to include future remediation, a review of lessons learned and risk mitigation advice.

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Led by a team of security industry experts, Wontok has a proven track record of developing and deploying proven, value-added security solutions.

Product sulution for a wide range of security, any ocasion.          Software 1, best of the market. Australian

Product sulution for a wide range of security, any ocasion.          Software 1, best of the market. Australian